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Electronic textbooks

To facilitate the study and research activities during this period of emergency, we have purchased textbooks from the reading lists in the electronic version as much as we could.
Here you find a list of available titles:
Remember that if you are outside the campus, you can access the electronic resources only configuring the proxy on your browser!

Covid-19: news and library services

The library reading room will be closed to all external users until August 31, 2020

Starting from May 18 loan services will be available for all users (reservation is mandatory).
Send us an email ( and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for further information and updates.

MLOL - MediaLibraryOnline

MLOL is a free digital library, now available for all IMT users!

You can access ebooks, movies, music, newspapers, journals and many more online resources.
Ask a librarian to create an account for you and enjoy MLOL digital resources wherever and whenever you want!

Spogli / Analytics

Abbiamo iniziato a catalogare gli spogli delle riviste cartacee possedute dalla Biblioteca. Questo permette di visualizzare i singoli articoli contenuti nei fascicoli e quindi di valorizzare al massimo la nostra collezione. Gli spogli sono visualizzabili nelle schede bibliografiche delle singole riviste nella sezione fascicoli.

We started a new project: the cataloguing of the articles included in our printed journals! This allows us to maximize our collection and let you know which articles are included in a specific issue. You can browse the analytics in the section "Issues" of each journal bibliographic record.

We get "responsive"!

Thanks to a new update, the Opac is now a responsive website! This means that its appearance and layout change depending on the size of the screen the website is displayed on. Now you can browse the catalogue more easily with your smartphone and tablet!

Grazie a un nuovo aggiornamento, il nostro Opac è completamente responsivo. Questo significa che il suo layout si adatta automaticamente a ogni tipo di schermo su cui viene visualizzato. La navigazione all'interno del catalogo sarà adesso molto più agevole anche dai vostri smartphone e tablet!

Renew by yourself!

If your loans are near to expire but you are leaving Lucca for Summer holidays, don't worry!
Login to enter in your personal account and go to section "Active loans" where you can check the due date and renew your loans for another month authomatically.
You can do that starting from 3 days before the expiration till 3 days after. The system will not renew your loan only when you have already used the second renewal.


Se i tuoi prestiti stanno per scadere e tu non sei a Lucca, non ti preoccupare!
Entra nella tua pagina personale dell'OPAC e vai alla sezione "Prestiti in corso" dove puoi vedere la scadenza del tuoi prestiti e rinnovarli automaticamente per un altro mese.
E' possibile rinnovare i prestiti a partire da 3 giorni prima fino a 3 giorno dopo la scadenza. Il sistema lo non permette solo nel caso cui il libro sia stato già rinnova 2 volte.

IMT Library OPAC: new look!

We personalized and added content to the book catalogue.
Now you can:
- have brief information about our services;
- see which books we have in the library for each syllabus (Textbooks);
- switch to the other catalogues from the dedicated page.

Give us your feedback and let us know if there are information/link that we should add in the catalogue!