In this section, you will find several textbooks in an electronic version. A lot of them are available in the Library also in a print edition. Ask a librarian for further informations

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Course: Advanced Neuroimaging

MRI at a glance

Course: Basic principles and applications of electrophysiology and stimulation

Analyzing Neural Time Series Data

Course: Behavioral Economics

The foundations of behavioral economic analysis


Course: Cognitive economics - Neuroeconomics


Neuroeconomics : Decision Making and the Brain

Course: Contextual analysis and individual objects

Cinema and the Invention of Modern Life

Cinema and Experience : Siegfried Kracauer, Walter Benjamin, and Theodor W. Adorno

Mapping the Moving Image : Gesture, Thought and Cinema Circa 1900 


Course: Decision-Making in economics & Management

Heritage Marketing


Course: Stochastic Processes and Stochastic Calculus

Denumerable Markov chains

Arbitrage Theory in Continuous Time

Finitary probabilistic methods in econophysics

Course: Evolutionary game theory

Population Games and Evolutionary Dynamics

Course: Machine learning

Pattern Recognition

Kernel Methods for Pattern Analysis

 Course: Temporary Organizing and Event Management

The Festivalization of culture