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Rome, Ostia, Pompeii
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Modern Books

Rome, Ostia, Pompeii : movement and space / edited by Ray Laurence and David J. Newsome

Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2011

Senses of the empire
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Modern Books

Senses of the empire : multisensory approaches to Roman culture / edited by Eleanor Betts

London ; New York : Routledge, 2017

Classical history and archaeology

Sight and the ancient senses
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Modern Books

Sight and the ancient senses / edited by Michael Squire

London ; New York : Routledge, 2016

The senses in antiquity

The moving city
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Modern Books

The moving city : processions, passages and promenades in Ancient Rome / edited by Ida Östenberg, Simon Malmberg, Jonas Bjørnebye

London [etc.] : Bloomsbury academic, 2016

Classical studies and archaeology

Abstract: The Moving City: Processions, Passages and Promenades in Ancient Rome focusses on movements in the ancient city of Rome, exploring the interaction between people and monuments. Representing a novel approach to the Roman cityscape and culture, and reflecting the shift away from the traditional study of single monuments into broader analyses of context and space, the volume reveals both how movement adds to our understanding of ancient society, and how the movement of people and goods shaped urban development. Covering a wide range of people, places, sources, and times, the volume includes a survey of Republican, imperial, and late antique movement, triumphal processions of conquering generals, seditious, violent movement of riots and rebellion, religious processions and rituals and the everyday movements of individual strolls or household errands. By way of its longue duree, dense location and the variety of available sources, the city of ancient Rome offers a unique possibility to study movements as expressions of power, ritual, writing, communication, mentalities, trade, and - also as a result of a massed populace - violent outbreaks and attempts to keep order. The emerging picture is of a bustling, lively society, where cityscape and movements are closely interactive and entwined.

Roman architecture and urbanism
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Modern Books

Yegül, Fikret K. - Favro, Diane

Roman architecture and urbanism : from the origins to late antiquity / Fikret Yegül, Diane Favro

Cambridge [etc.] : Cambridge University Press, 2019

Monuments in miniature
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Modern Books

Elkins, Nathan T.

Monuments in miniature : architecture on Roman coinage / Nathan T. Elkins

New York : The American Numismatic Society, 2015

Numismatic studies ; 29

Greek art and the Orient
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Modern Books

Gunter, Ann Clyburn

Greek art and the Orient / Ann C. Gunter

Cambridge : Cambridge University press, 2009

The corrupting sea
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Modern Books

Horden, Peregrine - Purcell, Nicholas

The corrupting sea : a study of Mediterranean history / Peregrine Horden and Nicholas Purcell

Oxford [etc.] : Blackwell, 2000

La question de l'espace au 4. siècle avant J.-C. dans les mondes grec et étrusco-italique
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Modern Books

La question de l'espace au 4. siècle avant J.-C. dans les mondes grec et étrusco-italique : continuités, ruptures, reprises / sous la direction de Sophie Montel, Airton Pollini

Besançon : Presses universitaires de Franche-Comté, 2018

Institut des sciences et techniques de l'Antiquité